“Give face to your business rules!“


Runs on interactive web browsers, mobile devices and interactive kiosks.


Imports complex decision tables and rules from you favorite spreadsheet.


Recommends products in the right place at the right time.


Gives insights on target consumers behavior and preferences.


METIS looks good from all angles

  • Smart look & feel fitting media & devices
  • One-in-all cross-platform solution
  • Fully functional accessibility with intuitive control
  • Seamless end user experience

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METIS plays by the rules

  • Change the behavior & flow of your app / campaign ad libitum
  • Implement and segregate complex decision tables
  • Import your rules with your favorite spreadsheet
  • Business rules set faster and easier

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METIS knows what they want

  • Understand what your customers do
  • Measure the end-to-end value of your platform
  • Get your customers to their destination faster
  • Optimize your marketing effort

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